Chuck SedonaIntroduction

Hello, my name is Chuck Belanger, L.Ac. I am a licensed acupuncturist who wants to help you with your health related concerns. In my practice I offer a balance of intuition and empiricism, of energetic and bio-medical approaches. Please look at the Services that I offer to get a feel for what I do. My goal is to work with you to offer the best that natural medicine has to offer to help you become pain or symptom free and achieve optimal, robust health.

In my personal life I aspire to practice what I preach by exercising regularly, eating well, watching my weight, meditating. I apply most of the protocols that I use with my patients on myself. 

I love to travel with my wife, Mary. We have a time share that allows us to go almost anywhere and we use it regularly. This picture was taken by her outside of Sedona, AZ. My favorite locations have sun and I do enjoy the places with beaches, snorkeling and tropical fruit.