Curriculum Vitae

1230125777vb4x K XpMy education and interests have been strongly science centered. Right after college I applied to enter my church's monastic order. While waiting I worked selling lab analyzing equipment. After entering the order, I left in less than a year and soon afterward got married and we had a child. A few years later I was in a position to return to school and continue my medical training as a acupuncturist.

Curriculum Vitae:

1972 Wayne State University: B.S. Biology/Psychology double major, pre-med, Graduated magna cum laude, March 1972
1972 Moved to California to attempt to enter medical school
1972 - 1976 Bausch & Lomb, Analytical Systems Division: Sales of lab testing systems
1976 - 1977 In the monastic order of my church
1977 - 1978 VWR Scientific: Inside sales manager for Lab supplies and equipment:1977-78
1978 - 1999 Bryant Laboratories, Inc (regional chemical and lab apparatus sales): Sales manager, product development, computerization of business systems
1978 Married
1983 Zachary, my son was born
1987 Started Acupuncture School, working part-time at Bryant Laboratories.
1990 Graduated American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, M.S. degree
1991 Passed the California Licensure for acupuncture and herbs, started practice in office in Albany, CA.
1992-1993 Acupuncture training with Kiiko Matsomoto
1994 moved office to my home office, which gave me the flexibility to do my Phytotech business and do program development
1995 NAET training, learned MRT, muscle response testing
1997 BioSet Training; practiced until 2000; trained in all levels
1998 EFT, Emotional Freedom technique training
1998 Self-Published, The Chinese Herb Selection Guide, the first Chinese herb repertory ever created (took 9 years!)
1998 Trained in Metabolic Typing (Harold Kristal, DDS), a method to determine individual dietary considerations, began doing in-house urine testing
1998-2001 Worked with BioMeridian on their database and some programming to support their MSA (Meridian Stress Analysis) System.
1999 started full-time work as acupuncturist, left Bryant Laboratories
2000 - 2002 JMT-Jaffe-Mellor Technique training, trained in all levels
2000 - 2001 Training in Dr. Tan's Balancing Method of acupuncture
2002 Divorced, Zack graduates from high school
2002 NMT- Neuromodulation Technique training which has continued to current date
2003 Mary and I married.
2005 Steve Steitler's Integra Testing/Urine analysis and signs interpretation
2006 Functional Endocrinolgy training with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.
2005 Blood Testing training with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.
2008 Released beta version of NMT Treeview software
2006 to 2010 Immune and Neuro-Immune Training with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, D.C.
2010 Released v2.1 of NMT Treeview software, fully functional and stable release
2010 Ulan's Nutritional Response Testing training.
2010 added Dr.Guy Schenker's Nutri-Spec testing to my then current testing procedures