Chinese Herb Selection Guide

Book: The Chinese Herb Selection Guide: A Traditional and Modern Clinical Repertory with a Summary Materia Medica for the health Care Practitioner (Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-91745, 882 pages)

The book, The Chinese Herb Selection Guide by Charles A. Belanger, L.Ac., M.S., is compiled from multiple sources and organized in such a manner to allow ready access to 543 herbs and over 28,000 indications and applications. This is the first book of Chinese herbs which allows the health practitioner to go from his diagnosis to a listing of possible Chinese herbs for treatment in a single lookup.

Key Features & Benefits


  • Saves time in creating a custom herbal therapy based on Chinese herbs.
  • Allows greater confidence in selection of Chinese herbs by showing traditional and modern, clinical uses of the herbs.
  • By having multiple herbs for a condition you will be able to make more effective formulae, best suited to your patients, thus inspiring greater compliance on their part.


  • Main Section (I): 28,000 entries in the Application & Indication Index
  • Main Section (II): 543 herbs summarized in an Herb Synopsis
  • Appendices of Pin Yin/Chinese to Pharmaceutical names and vice versa
  • Partial classic formulae are listed in the Application Index, thus allowing one to create a full and balanced herbal formula.
  • Complete side effects and contraindications for most herbs are listed
  • Clinical effectiveness noted for many herbs
  • Western as well as Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) diagnostic terms used
  • The TCM context of use for Western diagnosis is noted
  • Chinese herb names included to help recognize herb names when found in Chinese texts or manuscripts
  • "Lay Flat" binding which is more robust than usual softcover binding and allows for the book to be left open on a table.