Phytotech Herb Extracts


Custom Herb Extracts

Phytotech will prepare a hand crafted herbal formula of your choice. Just provide either the reference to the formula or a simple list of the herbs with their relative amounts. We can make single herb extracts or combinations of most Chinese, Western or Ayurvedic herbs. Many common herbs are available as certified organic. So if interested please inquire. We will prepare as little as one quart or as much as five gallons per your request. We primarily create herb extracts on order and do not stock product.


Each formula contains between 650-750 grams of herbs per quart, whereas most commercial tinctures may have as little as 100-250 grams. Phytotech uses the best quality herbs. Each formula is freshly ground to a fine powder  then hand crafted in comparatively small batches for the best possible extraction. To further increase extraction efficiency we use mild heat during the process which also pasteurizes the resultant extract. We use a mixed solvent system to achieve a whole herb extract. This mixture has a reduced alcohol concentration, and yet has a low water content, because of the glycerin content, thus allowing for a pleasant tasting and bio-actively stable product that does not need refrigeration.


Low overhead and efficient production methods allow Phytotech to pass on the savings by offering competitive pricing for such a high quality product. You are buying direct from the manufacturing laboratory—no middleman.


Phytotech’s proprietary extraction technique developed over 23 years (since 1991) allows for rapid and thorough extraction in five days or less while still preserving the quality of the extract. We have multiple extractors so we can start working on your requested formula today!