ServicesMy practice offers the following modalities, treatments and services:

  • Acupuncture: with emphasis on Dr. Richard Tan's balancing method, also, ear acupuncture and electro-acupuncture and special point use depending on the condition.
  • Chinese and Western Herbal formulas: either as bulk herbs, ground herbs, herbal pills and on-site ability to make highly concentrated liquid extracts
  • Neuromodulation Technique (NMT): Dr. Les Feinberg's amazing system to help the body heal itself by eliminating the informational barriers to this natural process
  • Wellness Program: a dietary, supplement and lifestyle approach with the use of bio-medical blood and urine tests and other tests when required.
  • MSA/Electro-Dermal Screening and Body Balancing: using the direct feedback of the body via the surface electrical readings of the acupuncture points the BioMeridian Meridian Stress Analysis system can help to see area of the body which require balancing and can help determine which supplements or homeopathics can best help.
  • Acute Treatment: Pain or short term courses of treatment when required or necessary.
  • Remote Treatments: With Skype, email, and the phone we can do remarkably well with correcting body imbalances. Remote treatments work especially well for the Wellness Program and NMT.