Energetic Protocols

Energy Healing TachyonmanEnergetic Protocols can be used by themselves or with other treatment modalities. I have seen many patients over the years that can ONLY do energetic treatments because any treatment less subtle so throws their system off that they actually get much worse. For most patients, I tend to use Energetic Protocols as a complementary system with herbs, supplements, diet and life style changes. Sometimes I have patients who are getting another treatment modality (such as herbs, diet or acupuncture) from another practitioner and come to me for some specific energetic protocol. Some patients like the security of having the view of multiple practitioners, each working from a different training or approach. In some cases this can be synergistic and helpful for complex cases. Sometimes it can be confusing to the patient and energetically disruptive. 

I recommend that my clients do different energetic work on different days and we may need to muscle test to see if we need even a bigger gap between my work and other practitioners' work. But I want to emphasize that I encourage you to come to me even if you have another practitioner. I value the collaborative work between you and your other practitioner(s). This does not mean that your other practitioners and I even have to communicate directly with each other, but you are at the center of this experience and can benefit from this multiple viewpoint and work.

Energetic Protocols I offer: