BioMeridian Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA)

Bio Meridian SoftwareUsing the body's own electrical system to determine imbalances

The BioMeridian system is an EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) or EDS (electrodermal screening) or CEDS (computer based electrodermal screening) device. Essentially, I use it to read the resistance at about 60 acupuncture points on the fingers, hands and toes, feet. These values are recorded and then I can review the patterns of energetic excess and deficiencies in the various acupuncture organ meridians to determine the nature of the imbalance. I use this system regularly as a testing device to get an overview of the patient with other testing results, too. I find the comparisons with other tests to be helpful and the results do correspond remarkably well with the patient's history, symptoms and these other tests. The MSA system tends to show non-pathological shifts earlier than most clinical tests.

Using the BioMeridian to help determine a remedy which balances the body

The BioMeridian MSA because it is such a sensitive indicator of energetic and thus physiologic changes can be used to see what remedies actually cause the imbalance to come back into balance. One simply includes the potential remedy in the circuit of the test and then re-read. Output changes can be pretty dramatic toward a more balanced state. This use of the MSA to help keep the body in balance is essentially the theory of acupuncture, i.e. an energetically balanced body is a well body. There are entire practices devoted to using the MSA to help achieve this body balance with various remedies--commonly homeopathic, herbal, or dietary supplements.

I had the great privilege to work with BioMeridian for a few years, because of my programming and database experience, helping with their system. During that time I learned a lot about the inner workings of the system and met a number of people who helped me to see that the system can work with any modality, be it homeopathic, herbal, emotional, energetic, affirmations, etc, to determine its effect on the body and it's energetic balance. One can even see the relative effect between modalities.

Balancing the body with the BioMeridian can lead to a more healthful life

Because I use the BioMeridian in a mix of other treatment modalities, I would have to say that I under utilize this effective balancing method. While working at BioMeridian, a local Utah insurance company who was large enough to self-insure their employees, tried a pilot program to see if regularly "balancing" their employees monthly made a difference in their health care expenses. After a year, they saw an average savings of about $3000 per employee. Needless to say, the local BioMeridian practitioner is now doing fine with his practice!

So, if you want to use this powerful method for your health care or simply as a means to assess your current health let me know. The BioMeridian MSA is a wonderful tool to help assess the effects of our health care plan, too. We can know if we are on the right track by comparing before and after test results. I do a MSA (Meridian Stress Analysis) for all patients who do a full intake as part of my service, otherwise the cost of a regular visit is all that I charge for this test. Typically, these tests run several times that fee when done by other practitioners who use an EAV/CEDS device.