Homeopathy/Flower Essences

Homeopathy Medicine 1I use complex homeopathy, not classical.

I want to say up front, I am not a classical homeopath. By that I mean I do not attempt to find the single homeopathic simulacrum that best suits your history and condition.

What I do is use is MRT (muscle response testing) and EAV/EDS (electro-acupuncture according to Voll--a computer aided system) to help find the best remedy from Apex, Energetix, Heel, Seroyal or even make my own homeopathic imprint using my BioMeridian system to help in detoxification and drainage or to energetically balance a patient's system. I commonly give complex homeopathy remedies (so called because they are a mix of various homeopathics at different dilution frequencies) at the beginning of a treatment protocol to assist the patient's system receptivity to the protocol and will check on the need from time to time during our work together.

I include Flower Essences in this topic because they are related because of the way they are prepared. There are the Bach flowers, the Perelandra flowers, the Austrailian flower essences, the flower essences in small pellets like homeopathic preparations and I'm sure other flower essences. These tend to work on the Emotional-Mental and some say the Spiritual levels. I have used them off and on and if you have an interest in them we can include them in your treatment.

Do not confuse Flower Essences with Essential Oils which are the actual use of concentrated botanical oils either as something that one has in the room to create an effect or they are dabbed on acupuncture points. Although, I have experimented with these, I have not started using them in my practice yet.