Wellness Health Care Program

Feature LivewellWellness care is about "real" preventative health care

True preventative health care is taking care of yourself: eating properly, sleeping, exercising, loving and serving others, keeping a positive, cheerful mind set and moderating our self-indulgences. I would include having a spiritual relationship as important here, too. But what we all need is some regular feed back method to let us know when we are getting out of balance, when our health, although still not pathological, is not at its best. Modern "health" care tells you when you are really sick, which by that time you probably already know it any way. No, what we need is to know when we are slipping but still do not feel that anything is wrong yet. That way we can actually do something to correct the imbalance and it is much easier and less expensive to fix or change.

Wellness Care is the best return on your health dollar

The Wellness Health Care program is my gift to you. This is the biggest bang for your health dollar; the best investment in yourself you can make. As a general program it consists of having a full blood panel done every six months with a set of urine tests. We then review the findings and you can see what changes you need to make. Most changes are dietary and life style and a few may entail taking supplements for a short period of time. There may be a need to do some other tests and some follow up testing if anything is found.

Wellness Care treats underlying causes

This is something your doctor and health system should be doing for you but they don't. Testing to see if you have colon, breast or prostate cancer is not "preventative" at all. It does not catch imbalances far enough before the pathological event to allow you to make changes. True preventative care is not part of our health system, yet. Take charge of your health and don't wait until you have a serious problem then expect it to be easily fixed. Eventually these imbalances can cause cellular, tissue or even organ damage. Repair is harder than re-balancing. 

Pharmaceuticals are not health giving; they tend to degrade your life while modifying a clinical value that may or may not actually mean anything about your health. Pharmaceuticals tend to focus on individual clinical symptoms or test values without treating the underlying cause and in the process of treatment pushes the entire physiology further out of balance.

Wellness Care helps to manage the accumulated stresses of modern life

Modern living with its chronic stresses, a food supply that is not particularly healthy at all, environmental toxicity, etc, all have accumulated health effects. There are very few places in world left where you can live and not experience some of these damaging conditions. You owe it to yourself to find out how you are doing and then given the options for correcting what we find so that you have continued good health.

I urge you to consider this program. Like I said, this is a test and visit every 6 months. That's all. If you want me to coach you through the necessary changes, I will be glad to do so with more regular visits. We can focus on short-term imbalances we find and fix those.